The Apologist’s Toolbox Part 2

Just recently, I was watching an action movie with some friends. In one particularly intense scene, the main characters find themselves suddenly underwater. After only a couple of moments, I was gasping for air. You read that right: I was holding my breath. I’m that guy at the theater who holds his breath during underwater scenes to see if I would survive! Maybe you’re not like me: you don’t try to survive your favorite movies underwater scenes. But have you ever tried to hold your breath going through a tunnel? One thing is for sure: some of us get farther through the tunnel then others, but nobody lasts forever. We have to breath to live. Period. But I fear that for many of us as apologists, we are in the same situation. We are trying to survive the action movie we call life, all the while holding our spiritual breath. Prayer is our life giving breath. By it, we exhale the world, and draw the freshness of heaven into our souls. And just like holding our breath will kill us, forgetting to pray will kill us. So I ask you: how’s your breath? Draw deep the air of heaven, and add prayer to your toolbox.


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2 comments on “The Apologist’s Toolbox Part 2
  1. I turn red a lot. I should breathe more.

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