“I just don’t believe in God.” That one sentence, or some version of it, is becoming increasingly more common in the world in which we live. People are much more open about their unbelief, and that’s okay. Everyone needs to express their opinions and beliefs. It is a fundamental part of being human. That is what I want to nurture here at Fundamental Reason. I dream of a world in which unbelievers can feel comfortable in telling me why they disagree with me. Many people have sincere questions or concerns that have never been answered, or have, tragically, been mocked. So that is the purpose of this post. I am asking any unbeliever with sincere questions or thoughts to freely tell me why you are not a Christian. If you have a genuine reason, please leave it in the comments here, or contact me through the contact form provided. I would love to hear your thoughts! It is my prayer that, through mutual discussion and respect, each of us can grow.


Disclaimer: If you are here seeking to be combative, start a fight, or be generally mean spirited or abusive, I am asking you not to comment. This is intended to produce considerate conversations on the issues raised. Anyone violating this simple request will be removed. Thanks for your understanding!


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