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“I just don’t believe in God.” That one sentence, or some version of it, is becoming increasingly more common in the world in which we live. People are much more open about their unbelief, and that’s okay. Everyone needs to

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Aikin on Justified Belief

“…if you believe something, then you should be able to explain why you do so; that is, you should be able to give a reason that counts in favor of the truth of your belief. This is simply what it

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Philosophy is Unavoidable – William Lane Craig PhD

William Lane Craig discusses the importance of philosophy for the Christian.

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Athens and Jerusalem: Why Philosophy and Theology Are Not Opposed

Over the last few weeks, the box office gains have soared for the newly released movie “God’s Not Dead.” The film tells the story of Josh Wheaton, a college freshman who enters his first philosophy class with high hopes. But

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Answers to Your Questions

Recently, I have been torn between topics I would like to consider here at Fundamental Reason. That’s exactly why I need your help! Below you will see a link to a very brief poll. There, a set of topics I

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Debate, Darwin, and the Denver Broncos

Anybody who has any sort of interest in sports was massively disappointed this last Sunday as the Super Bowl came to an end. Not only did the Denver Broncos lose the coveted Super Bowl Championship trophy: the lost it badly.

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Unearthing World-views

Have you ever been totally wrong about something you thought you saw? Maybe you were driving down a hot highway and thought you saw water in the road, or it looked like a stick in the water was bent, but

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