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Athens and Jerusalem: Why Philosophy and Theology Are Not Opposed

Over the last few weeks, the box office gains have soared for the newly released movie “God’s Not Dead.” The film tells the story of Josh Wheaton, a college freshman who enters his first philosophy class with high hopes. But

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Book Review: God or Godless? by John Loftus and Randal Rauser

Does God exist? On the surface of it all, the question sounds fairly simple. Yet in reality, it is perhaps the deepest, most important question that any of us can ever answer. It has far reaching effects, and should be

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Unearthing World-views

Have you ever been totally wrong about something you thought you saw? Maybe you were driving down a hot highway and thought you saw water in the road, or it looked like a stick in the water was bent, but

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Doubting Dawkins: A Review of The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins

Delusion. It’s become a sort of buzzword in our world. We see it in newspaper articles, book titles, and insults. It comes up in dinner discussion, and debates. We can’t seem to escape the idea that other people out there

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The Apologist’s Toolbox Part 3

Probably one of the most important lessons that I have learned in my (very) limited experience with tools is the value of having a tool that can be used in a lot of diverse situations. This past summer I worked

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The Apologist’s Toolbox Part 2

Just recently, I was watching an action movie with some friends. In one particularly intense scene, the main characters find themselves suddenly underwater. After only a couple of moments, I was gasping for air. You read that right: I was

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Good Without God: Do You Really Need God to Be Good? Part 4

Naturalism has failed as an adequate explanation for moral reality. In my last article, I contended that naturalism can not explain the origin of moral value, the extent of our moral understanding, nor can it explain the prescriptive nature of

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